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tax refund paperwork


We offer Year-Round, fully computerized tax preparation service. We can meet with you, or prepare your return by mail or fax. Our experienced professionals have specialized in clergy for years. The treatment of ministers under the tax code is unique and often confusing. Our tax professionals are up-to-date on recent tax code changes, as well as tax court rulings regarding ministers. We can combine this up-to-date knowledge with wise tax strategy to save you money.



Our base fee for clergy tax return preparations include the following:

Form 1040 - Minister and spouse wages from Form W-2.
Schedule C - Minister's self-employment income/expenses.
Form 2106 - Minister's unreimbursed employee job expenses.
Schedule SE - Minister's social security self-employment tax.
Form 4562 - Minister's equipment purchases/depreciation.
Schedule B - Interest/dividend income.
Schedule A - Itemized deductions.
Form 1040-ES - Estimated tax vouchers.
State Tax Return- with State Estimated Tax Forms.
Estimated Tax Planning and Pay Package/Housing Allowance Review during Tax Preparation.
Subsequent tax planning and pay package review available at $180/hour.


Date of appointment or mail in






March -December 


There will be additional charges for extra time, additional forms and schedules (such as rental property or sale of stock), and additional state tax returns.